The Workshop is led by some of the leading personalities and experts within architecture and nature. They will inspire and challenge the students creativity during this two week long festival. The workshop leaders will also hold seminars that are open to the public.
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Boris Zeisser
Natrufied Architecture

After his success at the legendary 24H-architecture Boris started his new office Natrufied Architecture. T new office focuses on making designs inspired by Nature.

Boris will help the students by connecting Nature and the petrification of Nature into their architecture.


Kimmo Lylykangas
Lylykangas Architects Ltd

More info will come shortly.

Tina Wik
Tina Wik Arkitekter

Tina Wik Architects was established in 1997. As a previous partner in Mattsson & Wik Architects projects were often additions to public buildings in cultural historic environments. Today Tina is an expert within Swedish wooden architecture and construction techniques.

Tina Wik will inspire the students in their wooden constructions.

Kristina Tengstrand
Sweco Architects

As a rather newly graduated student from UMA´s master program, Laboratory of Sustainable Architectural Production, Kristina is now working as an architect for Sweco. She enjoys the nature and outdoors and is therefore looking forward to be a part of and help students with their challenges.

Martin Björklund
Sweco Architects

Martin has worked as an architectural engineer since 2008. As years go by he is more and more convinced to want to change the way builders/cities look at architecture and that it matters how things look and work. Big quest but slowly and through ARKNAT he hopes getting there!

Jerry Engström

After years of successful work as Global Marketing Director of Swedish based outdoor firm Fjällräven Jerry switched careers to pursuit a dream. To create FriluftsByn – a meetingplace for adventure, relaxation and creativity.

Jerry will provoce the students imagination and reawaken the senses of being one with nature.

Veronica Gerini
Origo Arkitekter

Currently Veronica practices as an architect in Stockholm and after her academic career, she developed interest in critical architecture while taking part in several workshops. As former architect at Sweco, she is going to take part in ARKNAT to address the construction process issues.

Audingas Sumskas
Sweco Architects

Audingas specializes in the field of Critical Architecture and the opportunities for implementation of Relational, Political, Social and Ethical approach to architecture. With his experience from Sweco architects and some successful wood workshops, which he has booth participated and tutored in, Audingas is going to be helping on translating the meaning to form and form to meaning.

Johan Svanholm
Sweco Architects

Johan is an architect with experience spanning from local small scale projects to large scale international projects. He thinks architects in general need to spend more time on building sites to learn and to teach. Inspiration is preferably found in nature rather than in a conference rooms.

József Szánthó
Sweco Architects

József has a Diploma from Technical University Budapest, Post gradual: Public Buildings. With 17 years’ experience, he has spent the last 5 in Sweden and are working as an architect at Sweco, Sundsvall. He is working with everything possible in architecture and want to build more out of wood.

Jacob Fjellner
Sweco Architects

Jacob graduated from the Royal Institute of Technology one year ago. Since graduation he has been working as an engineer at Sweco Architects, Uppsala. Despite the years in the capital city, he is no city guy. Growing up in the deep forest next to the High Coast area has left him with the respect and affinity for nature and fishing.