“With ARKNAT we combine architecture and nature and give future architects and engineers practical experience with wood building” 

Martin Björklund, Project manager Arknat


ARKNAT is a concept merging Architecture and Nature. Every year leading architect students from all over Scandinavia gathers to challenge the way we look at design and through seminars, workshops and construction they leave behind new hideouts and shelters for public use.

“Architecture helps us get in touch with our surroundings and maybe even more importent – with ourselves”

Jerry Engström, FriluftsByn

“It is amazing to see what can be accomplished by highly motivated students during sush a short period of time”

John Grundström, Architect Sweco


NY Times listing us and the High Coast as a place to visit 2022. Among 51 other sites all around the world. Check out the text and list here


In the year 2020 ARKNAT won the "Architecute of the Year" awards (Årets Arkitektur). The awards was handed out during the Swedish Design Awards by RUM i Stockholm.

We would like to thank everyone who has made ARKNAT possible.