“The High Coast is where it all started and I am totally amazed by the impact we have created”

Martin Björklund, Arknat


ARKNAT started in the High Coast of Sweden with a unique cooperation between Sweco and FriluftsByn. The project got support not only from the region and other companies but also landowners and the general public.

In total 9 Arknat structures were built in the years 2017, 2018 and 2019. Scroll down to learn more about how to visit this amazing architecture in the World Heritage site the High Coast of Sweden.


ARKNAT Höga Kusten was a cooperation between Sweco and FriluftsByn together with the municipalities and other key stakeholders.

SCA for contributing with building materials.  Bygma for contributing with tools and equipment. Höga Kusten Destinationsutveckling, Världsklass Örnsköldsvik, Svenskt Trä, Sveriges Träbyggnadskansli for financial support for the visit and Boris Zeisser and Kimmo Lylykangas for leading workshops.

Last but not least, thanks for all students from all over Scandinavia who have made the High Coast a much more interesting region.

“What makes me really happy is that we have made it possible for more people to experience the wonders of our World Heritage site.”

Jerry Engström, FriluftsByn


The Arknat constructions are placed along the Höga Kusten Leden that stretches through the World Heritage Site of Sweden. The sites are accessible by a shorter hike. Click on each construction below for more information and link to Google Maps and how to get there.

We and the students who built the construction would be super-happy if you tagged your visit #arknat

2017: Forest Cradle, Over the Edge, Skogsdunge
2018: The Tree Cube, Komponerar, A-Maze-Thing
2019: Stranded, He, Off-Centred



In the year 2020 ARKNAT won the "Architecture of the Year" awards (Årets Arkitektur). The awards was handed out during the Swedish Design Awards by RUM in Stockholm.