“This special version of Arknat was the first!
Robertsfors made contact and the idea ended up in a tight, fun collab between Arknat, the municipality and UMA”

Martin Björklund, Arknat


Robertsfors kommun reached out to Arknat and were curious at us . Thanks to the closeness and intrest from UMA (school of architecture in Umeå) we got this alternative version of Arknat going. Still focus on creating places in nature for public use and continue educate future architects in practical wood building skills.

Scroll down to learn more about these shelters in around Robertsfors and along their trails.


ARKNAT Robertsfors is a collaboration between many different partners who all support Arknat in best possible and personal way.

Some sponsor us with essential building material and tools like Cramo, Essve, and Holmen.
The municipality of Robertsfors supported with the sites and great help with small and big issues. The found needed to realize it all also came from the municipality. 
As you see there are many partners involved. Thanks to them Arknat can be Arknat and our visions becomes reality.


“In just two weeks we go from simple idea to finished building. That’s impressive and an important experience to have in our future profession”

XY, student 2023 UMA


The shelters are placed along Rickleån around Robertsfors. Click on each construction below for more information and link to Google Maps and how to get there.

Arknat and the students who built the shelters would be super-happy if you tagged your visit #arknat




Hexan & Vittran


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