Location: Värsberget
Construction Year: 2019
Team: Nora Linnros – UMA Umeå, Martin Bengtsson – BAS Bergen, Olga Ivakina – Uni. Lichtenstein, Stellan Gulde – UMA Umeå, Isa Byström – SLU Uppsala
Caretakers: X

He is an alternative wind shelter for the lone hiker and is located on Värnsberget in Docksta. It is situated in unpaved terrain and off-track from the popular Höga Kusten-trail. Hidden, but at the same time a place where one can view the magnificent surrounding landscapes that have slowly emerged out of the sea after the glacial periods. The land is still rising with approximately 8mm every year. 

He is not preoccupied with the mountain top experience, but lies partly concealed beneath it on the unruly northern hillside. Through its architectural two-sidedness one can constantly change the experience of the shelter. By tilting the main body the visitor can either seek protection inwards by the rock or open up for a beautifully framed view towards the northern bay. And If you dare to, let the legs dangle over the crevice that spreads out under the cantilever that protrudes into the air and imagine it was once a small little boat dock by the coastline only a few thousand years ago. The entire construction is visually hovering despite its weight and solidness. Only, do not forget to lock it before leaving!

He offers a flexible usage at the same time as it is a homage to the local site and culture within which it coexists. During our building process, we have talked to local residents, visitors and forest loggers to better understand the context in which we have been intervening. We learned about the special affiliation that many people shared for this tranquil place and we took this into consideration through our design. We tried to interpret the space without mimicking the nature and to provide alternative solutions to basic needs of solitary sheltering without He becoming a spectacle in itself. 

He is a cross-border word that occurs frequently among the many dialects in the regions of Norrland. He can be an action. To lift, throw, put or move something. But He can also be interpreted variously. 

 It’s a hidden gem – John

No, its a fucking triangle! – Olya


Take your car to FriluftsByn, rent a bike or hike towards Värnsberget. The first route will go along a country road while you will soon set out on the trail.
Co-ordinates: 63.0346389, 18.3851446



In the year 2020 ARKNAT won the "Architecute of the Year" awards (Årets Arkitektur). The awards was handed out during the Swedish Design Awards by RUM in Stockholm.