Tree Cube

Location: Körningsberget, Nordingrå >>
Construction Year: 2018
Team: Isa Bergh Lopes Da Costa, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan(KTH) Sverige
Kristina Rogers, Royal Danish Academy of Arhitecture (RDA), Danmark. Linnea Henstam
Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan(KTH) Sverige, Matthew Burnett, University of New South Wales(UNSW)
Australien. Mattias Larsson Jönköpings Tekniska Högskola(JTH) Sverige
Caretakers: Private

Körningsberget has beautiful views all round. The concept began with the wish to create another experience bynot competing with the natural use and beauty of the site. By stepping back and leaving the front viewing platform untouched a floating structure was derived – A treehouse, introducing a new, playful shelter and viewing platform to the High Coast. It is an intriguing structural object, inviting curious hikers to climb up and enjoy the special shelter amongst the tree tops.

The geometry did arise from structural necessities, optimized for durability, sculptural aesthetics. The result is a 2×2 meter abstract cube, with an exterior facade treated with a vernacular technique of charring wood prolonging the lifespan of the cube. The form also becomes a natural cradle for the human body, creating a comfortable experience and interesting and contrasting interior.

The windows of the tree house are placed to frame specific views such as the lake, the sunset and the dense forest. It will act a cosy place to seek shelter when it rains or even spend the night. The pine tree is the core component to the space. The tree and the structure are working together, holding the treehouse up while also being considerate to the health of the tree. You will feel the movement with the wind and fall asleep watching the stars through the roof window.


Take your car to Nordinggrå and the Village Körning. On the main road you find a small side parking. Park your car and follow Höga Kusten Leden leadning north. Take the trail to the viewpoint.
Co-ordinates: 62.93534, 18.27067



In the year 2020 ARKNAT won the "Architecute of the Year" awards (Årets Arkitektur). The awards was handed out during the Swedish Design Awards by RUM in Stockholm.