Location: Östafors bruk, Näsum >>
Construction Year: 2021
Team: Axel Henriksson, Chalmers Göteborg
Linnea Carlerbäck, UMA Umeå Kerstin Malmqvist HDK Dals Långed, 
Benjamin Roobol, UMA Umeå Sofie Taylor SLU Ultuna
Caretakers: Bromölla kommun

Welcome to campsite Split at Östafors!
Here at Östafors stream (Holjeån) the two hiking trails Skåneleden and Blekingeleden meet and create a
popular resting place for hikers.
A wooden foot-bridge leads the hiker over the stream to the open place with grass and meadow. The
vegetation has inspired the design of the wind-shelter Split. Underneath the ash tree at Östafors
campsite the wind-shelter playfully emerges from the grass and meadow. The ground has split open
into two flaps creating a sheltered room underneath. The two flaps are depended on each other and
together they create a wind-shelter with walls in tree directions. Split opens up towards the fireplace
and the stream, to get the full experience of the stream.
The dark glulam beam which carries the weight of the meadow was bent and glued by hand to create
the right angul for the roof. The beams were burnt with the japanese technique shou sugi ban to
imitate the soil’s natural colour. By burning the beams it becomes waterproof and resistant to insects
which is important to create a long life for Split. The light oak pillars are in contrast with the dark
earthy colours and hints of the human made inside. The floor rhythm continues up the wall and the
roof to create a cohesive interior and combine the different elements. The roof is covered by meadow
to melt in with the surrounding and give life to pollinating insects.


Not hiking? Take your car to Östafors bruk and turn to Sibbarpsvägen. Drive a few hundred meters and then park by the P. Walk the last distace and you’ll see Split
Coordinates: 56.21230, 14.51444



In the year 2020 ARKNAT won the “Architecute of the Year” awards (Årets Arkitektur). The awards was handed out during the Swedish Design Awards by RUM in Stockholm.